About OEM Dealer Parts

OEM Dealer Parts is a website created for dealerships to sell their overstocked products for less. It's Win-Win.

  • Dealerships get rid of parts that have been hard to sell. Usually this is due to a custom order for a part that got cancelled and the dealership couldn't return it.

  • Customers get OEM parts that are over 40% OFF

More manufacturers are being added, so keep checking back!

What does OEM Parts mean? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. So when you are buying OEM parts, they are manufactured by the company who made your vehicle. Ex. Volkswagen or Audi.

Do you have a part you're looking for specifically? Use the search bar in the top corner and search the part number.

After I place my order on this website, where do I pick it up?

We currently have pick up locations in Whitby and in Clarington.

  • Owasco VW (2030 Champlain Ave., Whitby)
  • Pickering VW (503 Kingston Rd., Pickerng)
  • Audi Durham (2000 Champlain Ave., Whitby)
  • Owasco RV (570 Rundle Rd., Clarington)

Pick up locations will vary depending on which dealership is selling the part. On each inventory page, it will list which dealership this part is from. You will also see the pick-up location on the checkout page.

*If you have parts from multiple locations, you will have to put through the orders separately.

It will be ready about 24 hours after you place your order.

We will ship across Canada! If you're interested in buying a part but don't live in the Durham Region, before you place your order, please contact the dealer directly or submit a form on the website and we will give you a quote on shipping.